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31 Day Facebook Experiment: Driving Traffic to Your Fan Page

I’m Embarking on an Experiment in Driving Traffic to Your Facebook Fan Page

With the recent changes in the Facebook format, some of the old advice on driving traffic to your fan page has dried up.

Making 40 friends a day from like-minded fan pages: You used to be able to see who the fans were of other fan pages. The trick was to friend up to 40 of them per day then once a week use the Suggest to Friends link and suggest your page to them. You can’t see the fans any longer and that stunt no longer works.

Setting up a Welcome Tab on your fan page asking people to Like your page: Well, that’s not totally gone but with upcoming switch from FBML to iFrames there going to be a lot of folks that won’t get how to set up their new landing page optimally. If you’re somewhat proficient in html, links, and setting up separate pages to reside on your server, iFrames is a welcome change. To the average person with little to no html skills, this will be quite frustrating.

One Awesome Change that Facebook Made

One of the cool things that Facebook has done is to let you Like other pages via your own page. How is this cool? Because when you comment on another fan page instead of your personal header (in my case, Jay Walsh) being the link back to the commenter, the header will be from your own page (TheProPodderBlog).

Now, this IS NOT a license to spam. And if you think it is, please unsubcribe from ProPodder – I’m not interested in your patronage, thank you.

What this can be is a license to promote RELEVANT information from other sources to the readers of those fan pages. For example:

  • If you follow a podcasters pages and run across a link or video that is relevant to that page and the readership, share it.
  • If you follow a bands page and come across a great review of a recent show, share it.
  • If there’s news within your niche that affects readers of the pages you follow, share it.

What’s In It For You?

By sharing the relevant information over time, and NOT pushing your podcast, or service or product, people will come to expect your post. People will come to look at you as an expert or advisor in your niche.

People will click your link to find out more about you.

So, What’s the Experiment?

Starting tomorrow, and for the remaining 30 days in March, I’m going to choose a few Fan Pages to follow with both ProPodder and my own podcast, Campground Pirate Radio.

I’ll implement the process I’ve described of sharing relevant content with each of those pages and on Friday, April 1 (and, no this won’t be an April Fool’s prank), I’ll report back to you my experiences – good and bad – plus the numbers I either achieved or didn’t achieve.

Play the Home Game

Try this experiment for yourself and on April 1 let me know how it worked for you!

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