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Okay Facebook, Where’s My Suggest to Friends?

FB Suggest to FriendsIf you’ve got your own Facebook Page then you probably became very familiar with the Suggest to Friends link that resided on your left column. That link made it very easy to announce to all of your friends that you’ve just created a new page. It also helped you get your initial 25 Likes so you could change the page name.

But with the new setup that Facebook will roll out in March, finding that link isn’t so easy anymore.

Switching Accounts

One of the cool items in the new rollout is the ability to switch from your personal account to using your Facebook Page as your account. This allows you to Like other Facebook Pages as your Page.

There’s one drawback to this: the Suggest to Friends link was gone! I actually shuddered when that disappeared. I liked to be able to suggest my page to new friends every quarter. Granted it’s not a huge number but it’s nice to have the option.

Suggest to Friends is Not Gone!

It’s still there. It’s just kind of hiding in plain site. It now resides on the right side of your page.

But Why Can’t I See It?

When you Use Facebook As Page and look in the right column all you see is:

  • Use Facebook as Your Name
  • Promote with an Ad
  • View Insights

…but no Suggest to Friends.

The Fix

Switch back to your regular Facebook account. Now type in the URL of your Page in your browser’s address bar.

Ta Da! There’s your Suggest to Friends link – in the right column under View Insights.

Why you can’t get to it while being logged in as your Page, I don’t know. But being logged in as your Page causes a host of other problems, like linking to Facebook from another blog or app. Facebook posts a warning telling you that you’re still logged in as your Page and you need to switch. That’s okay, but it does add another step to an otherwise simple process.

What do you think of the new roll out? Is it already affecting how you use Facebook?

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