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Podcasters Checklist: Day 2 – Part Three – Gather Unto Thee Your WordPress Plugins

Okay, maybe a wee bit too esoteric for a title but let’s face it, one of the best things about using WordPress for your podcast is the ability to install plugins. Being open source, the WordPress developer community (over 2 million strong) has come up with or will soon come up with every type of gadget or gizmo you’ll need to make your site function at it’s best.

What I’d like to share with you today are the Baker’s Dozen of WordPress plugins that I like to use on my podcasts and blogs.

This plugin has pretty much become the standard in protecting your site from spam.

FV Antispam
FV to Aksimet is like Robin to Batman. Works in the background looking for just the spambots. Once it finds one FV sends it directly to the trash freeing up Akismet to handle the bigger problems.

All in One SEO Pack
This one has become one of my favorites for simplifying my meta data for each post. After a simple setup, you’ll have a panel that allows you to add the title, a description and all of your keywords. Love it!

Disqus Comment System
If you’re really serious about your comments, want to pick up what’s being said about your post on Twitter and want to use your Gravatar account, you’re going to want this one.

Theme My Login
Why have the basic blue (yawn) login page when you can make it look like part of your site. Also allows customized emails, passwords, redirects, user links, security and user moderation.

Blubrry PowerPress
This is the heart of my podcast delivery system. Not only does it easily set up the players on my site and setup the iTunes information but by creating an account on the Blubrry Network you’ll have access to your download stats!

Connects your blog/podcast to your Facebook account.

WP Twitter Button
Adds a Twitter button to each post.

Adds some animated social bookmarking icons to your post. Simple to set up. And still looks cool.

Google XML Sitemaps
Will generate XML sitemaps for the search engines.

Robots Meta
Creates your needed robot meta tags plus allows you to easily set your nofollows.

WP Mobile Detector
This can actually detect the difference between 5000+ mobile phones and adjust the delivery of your pages to each one.

WordPress Database Backup
The must-have plugin. Allows you to set when you want to back up and where to send the files. Completely automated.

So what are some of your favorite plugins?

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