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What you’ve stumbled across will hopefully become a blueprint to becoming a better podcaster. This is a roadmap that won’t waste your time with history lessons, my personal journey, or any of the other bloat that fills up a majority of sites out there.

This site may not look very large right now, but the content I’ll bring you will be. I’ve been making podcasts for years and have made every mistake there is. But only through making mistakes can you learn the right way to achieve your goals. What I’d like to do is save you a ton of time and money on your journey to becoming a professional podcaster — and maybe even help you make a nice living at it.

Sound vs. Content

Pro podcasting isn’t just recording some audio and slapping it up on iTunes. Trust me – go to iTunes and start listening to a number of podcasts that sound interesting to you. What’s the first thing you notice about a podcast?

  • The Sound Quality.

What’s the second thing that you notice?

  • The Content.

Audio podcasts only have two things going for them, their sound and their content. Listeners will tolerate crappy sound ONLY if the content is top notch. But, not a lot of listeners will hang around for shows that sound great but are boring as hell to get through. Take another look at all of the podcasts out there. How many are still going? How many haven’t generated a new ‘cast in months… or years!

The ‘casts that get both of these aspects right are head and shoulders above the rest. These are the ones that stand a better chance at surviving the long term and possibly giving their creators a good income in the future.

The Long Haul

Speaking of the future, plan on being in this for the long haul. Podcasting, like blogging, is hardly a get-rich-quick scheme. You can make good money from podcasting but it takes time and dedication. There’s a question you’ll be asking yourself in the coming posts: Is this right for me? Even though I ask that question up front, don’t answer it just yet. It’s the first question you really have to ask yourself but only after you’ve gotten all the information.

By the way, this isn’t going to be an “I talk, you listen,” kind of site. I’m really interested in what you’ve got to say and I’m making it easy for you to get a hold of me. Post your questions, comments or ideas to the individual posts; find me on Facebook or Twitter or just email me at

So what are the questions you’ve got?

About Jay Walsh

With a combined 25 years of design, marketing, podcasting, video and social media knowledge, Jay created with the goal of helping you make a better podcast.

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