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Monetizing Your Podcast – Training and Public Speaking

This is Part 5 of a 5-part series: Monetizing Your Podcast.

Wrapping up this week’s series on monetizing your podcast I want to touch on these last two topics: Training and Public Speaking.


Yesterday I talked about selling your services via your podcast. Today I want to focus on one particular aspect of that – becoming a trainer or coach.

You have some particular knowledge that you’d like to share with people. Why not get paid for it.

Your podcast is your calling card.

When you really take a look at the majority of podcasts available, they fall under two categories: entertainment and knowledge. My podcast falls under the entertainment genre but a vast majority are trying to teach you something.

Use your podcast as your calling card. Think of it as coaching-lite. You’re going to provide as much useful information as you can. Give them everything! What you’re doing is establishing yourself as the expert at your craft. Make sure you tell your audience how to contact you via your website or phone if they’d like more personal, one-on-one lessons with you.

Obviously, this works great for drumming up local students but what can you do via the web? Personalized webinars, podcasts and videos come to mind. You consultation time on the telephone can be of great value.

And don’t think your particular talent can’t be utilized via the web. I worked with a piano teacher and created a show called Planet Piano. He actually gives piano lessons via email… and it works!

Public Speaking

Can you be as good in front of a live audience as you are behind the mic? If you can create a training program for one person, can it be exported for groups of people?

Seminars have always been extremely lucrative sources of income. Let’s say, for example, your weekly podcast is on creating passive sources of income. You give everything you’ve got on the show. The content is excellent and at the end of each episode people leave with a solid takeaway to work on.

Chances are your ever growing audience hasn’t heard all of your podcasts – and most likely won’t because of their busy lives. What if you arranged two or three special seminars throughout the year and used your show to build up buzz about them. The content for the seminars is right there in your previous shows.

Market the seminars as an exclusive and small gathering to really dig into all of the secrets and ideas you possess… at a thousand dollars a head. Do you see how this can be beneficial to the bottom line?

Maybe you’re a stand up comedian, or a musician, or entertainer. Adam Corolla draws millions of fans to his podcast, but you know how he derives his main source of income from it? By drawing people to his live shows.

Wrap Up

This week was mainly ideas to get you thinking about hidden possibilities available to you from your show. Delving deep into each idea will have to be saved for later posts.

Mainly what I wanted to do was to get you thinking – get you on Google and looking up more info on each of these models.

Let me know if you’ve enacted any of these ideas or tell me if you’ve come up with new variations or entirely different ideas.

Here’s to a prosperous show!

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