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Are You Ready for the Podcast Onslaught?

Podcast Onslaught

Apple’s OS 10.7, due this Summer, will be sporting a number of new features. One in particular will be quite relevant to you, oh mighty podcasters. Apple realizes that the podcast community is growing. So why not give it that extra push with the launch of Podcast Publisher.

Podcast Publisher

“…a true podcast production tool letting you create various shows, episodes, and effortless edit, upload, and share your podcasts.”

Podcast Publisher is a combination of the old Podcast Producer and Podcast Publisher tools that were previously only available on OSX Server. It is the consumer version (kind of how iMovie was the stripped down version of Final Cut). Similar to GarageBand, you’ll be able to create and publish as many shows as you want with as many episodes of each show. There will also be some audio and video editing tools included.

So What Does This Mean for You, Podcasters?

Let’s look at what the creation of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Blogger has done to the blogesphere.

  • 1500 a day: Number of blogs being created a day in 2003 (Technorati)
  • 152 million: Number of blogs on the internet 4th quarter 2010 (BlogPulse)
  • 852 million: Number of blog readers in 4th quarter 2010 (Technorati)
  • 83,000: Number of podcast episodes in 2005
  • 70 million: Number of podcast listeners in 2010

Can You Say, Boom?

What happened once it became easier for everyone to create blog? Everyone created a blog! What do you think is going to happen once it becomes easier for everyone to create a podcast?

Look at the major blogs out there today. They were you just a couple of years ago… maybe even smaller.

It’s time to establish your podcast be it video or audio and get ready to ride the wave. Let’s face it, what happens once it becomes easier for everyone to podcast?

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