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Podcasters Checklist: Day 1 – Part Two – Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a web host is of particular importance. A lot of folks take this for granted but you can get yourself into a bit of trouble if you’re not set up correctly.

Scott Stratten, of UnMarketing (Amazon Affiliates link) fame, has a wonderful discussion on Being Unprepared for Success. In it, he describes how he created a video that went viral. Fantastic, right? Wrong. Scott was still on his $9 a month web hosting plan.

After a certain number of views (we’re talking into the tens of thousands) the website stopped showing the video. In fact, he just got 404 replies going to his page. Scott contacted his web host screaming, “You’re getting my $9 a month! Where’s my video?” His web host CSR informed him that he had hit his limit on bandwidth for the month, but if he’d like, they could remove the ceiling on the bandwidth. “Yes, of course, remove the ceiling!”

What Scott didn’t know was that there’s a charge… per megabyte… once the ceiling was lifted. Ten days and $1700 dollars later he was screaming at the same web host, “Shut it down! Shut it down!”

Okay, so this is an extreme example of what you’ll be facing. But look at the size of your files that you’ll be uploading to your host. Multiply that by how many files you’ve got online. And multiply that by how many people download those files. Are you starting to get the picture?

My podcast, Campground Pirate Radio, is a 90-minute show. Each of those files, at 128k, are over 84mbs each! Even if you had a modest 100 downloads a week, you’d be moving over 33 gigs a month!

Unlimited Bandwith and Unlimited Disk Space

You’re looking for two key phrases:

Unlimited Bandwith – Bandwith refers to the amount or size of files being transferred to and from your website.

Unlimited Disk Space – How much you can put on your website.

Your site, if you choose to host your own shows, has to have at least unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space available to it. Personally, I like using (shameless plug and yes, I’m an affiliate). They’re easy to use, easy to set up, and give me unlimited bandwidth and disk space. I can personally recommend them.

Other Hosting Choices

Let’s say you don’t want the hassle of hosting your own site. Fair enough. Let’s look at what else is available to you. One caveat: read their fine print closely. In some cases you actually give up the rights to your show by hosting on certain sites.
This is the grand old man of podcast hosting.
Pricing plans between $5-75.
Both free and paid versions available.
Advertising opportunities are also available.

They’ve got packages starting at $4.95 a month.
Unlimited bandwidth – Disk Storage based on individual pricing plans.

Host your podcast in the cloud.
This is a European site, but you can get plans that range between Free and 500 euros a year
Unlimited Bandwith
Plans starting at $4.95 a month up to $59.95 a month with 5 GB of storage.

Podcast Revolution
Unlimited Bandwith
Plans starting at $4.95 a month up to $24.95 a month for 2 GB of storage.

Both Free and Pro versions.
Both versions have some caps on bandwidth.

Do you have any other good sites to offer to the list? Let me know.

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