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Podcasters Checklist: Day Four – Set Up Your Podcast on iTunes

You’ve gotten all of the prep work out of the way by following the Podcasters Checklist. It’s Day Four and time for you to set up your podcast on iTunes. Don’t take this step lightly. I can speak from experience.

Jump ahead too quickly and your iTunes setup can quickly turn into a nightmare. Remember that every day, more people are deciding to create a podcast and there are just so many people in the Apple ranks to check and approve them. Every year is seems to take a little bit longer to get your podcast approved. So take your time and above all, be patient.

Record Your One Minute Intro

Before you start recording your brilliance on a regular basis you want to create a short, one to two minute, intro podcast. The intro podcast is going to serve two purposes:

  • Introduce you and your show to your audience
  • Act as an anchor to get your show approved with iTunes

Your intro show will include:

A Show I.D. Tag
This is just 2-3 seconds long and just tags your show. For example, my show opens with: CPR029 for the week ending March 4th, 2011. That’s all that’s needed.

Your Intro
This will become your signature to your audience. After some time, your regulars are going to look forward to that opening music / sound effect / or whatever you decide is going to open your show.

Introducing Yourself
Talk a little bit about yourself and your background – and I’m stressing a little bit. Put yourself on the other side of this conversation and imagine yourself meeting someone new and listening to them dump their entire life story on you. How long would you put up with that?

Tell Them What Your Show’s About
Pretty self-explanatory. Why are you here? Why does anyone want to listen to this show?

Your Outro
This could be just music or a chance to add in show credits.

Mix down your show. Make any necessary edits needed to tidy it up and upload it to your site. Create a post and load your show.

Ping Your Feedburner Account

This is important – Feedburner does sweep the sites a couple times a day but it’s okay to ping your site to get the process started.

You can ping your account from Just type in your site’s address and click Ping Feedburner.

Wait about 30 minutes! This will give Feedburner time to ping the site and create that package that we’re going to check for next.

Okay, 30 minutes or so goes by. Back into the Feedburner account.

Click the TROUBLESHOOTIZE tab – it’s the one on the right. Down the left column look for the PodMedic link and click it. PodMedic will show you whether or not a Content Package was created.

You’ll see something that looks like:

Content Item: “Your Show’s Name”
Yay! Media enclosure created for:

If you see that, aces! You’re good to go.

Setting Up Your iTunes Account, Finally!

You’ve come to the moment of truth. Open up your copy of iTunes and select the iTunes Store link.

At the top of the window, click the Podcast tab.

On the column on the right, look for Submit a Podcast.

In the new window that open, type in your new Feedburner feed address and click continue.

From there you’ll see a summary page. If you’ve set up all of your previous information in the Blubrry plugin correctly, you should see it there. That being said, you may see a second screen that asks a few more questions like language, category, is your show explicit or not.

Click Submit.

Now the waiting begins. I’ve had shows approved in as little as a day. I’ve had shows that took almost three weeks to get approval. Be patient because soon you’ll get that wonderful little email from an Apple staff member saying, “Congratulations, you’ve got a podcast!”

Last Bit of Info

You’re going to get a link to your show in that email. Make sure you copy that link into your Blubrry plugin and any other site or digest that requires that link.

Congrats… You’re on iTunes!

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