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The World’s Coolest Portable Podcast Studio

Okay, so I like to dream. No harm in that. There are a couple of goodies that have come onto the market (or will soon appear) that, when combined together, will create the world’s coolest portable podcast studio that you can slip into your messenger bag (or murse for the metros out there) and have you recording your show wherever and whenever the mood strikes you.

Granted, this is going to set you back some coin but it will so be worth it. You’re probably going to drop around a grand (depending on models and expected prices), but like I said, we’re dreaming right now, okay?

The Computer

Apple’s iPad 2 (starting at $499)iPad 2
Thinner, lighter and now with a 10-hour battery. Apple’s newest iPad comes with a powerful dual-core A5 chip and screaming graphics. The updated 10-hour battery means you’re not going to lose power in the middle of a session.

Doing a video podcast? Two built-in cameras on the front and back of the unit have got you covered.

Ready to upload? Send your show up on either a local Wi-Fi network or on 3G with your choice of either AT&T or Verizon.


GarageBand ($4.99)
Come on, where are you going to get this powerful of a DAW for less than $5? Apple has rebuilt GarageBand to take advantage of iPad 2’s multi-touch screen. Eight recordable tracks, smart instruments and the ability to send your final mixed file out to iTunes or export the entire file to your Mac to refine it more.

The Mike

Apogee’s Mike (price TBD)
There’s a buzz starting on this bad boy. Mike is a studio quality USB microphone that fits in the palm of your hand. Features include:Apogee Mike

  • PureDIGITAL technology delivers pristine sound quality
  • Designed to record vocals and acoustic musical instruments
  • Great for voice overs, interviews and podcast recordings
  • No configuration, just plug in and record
  • Easily adjust input levels without accessing software
  • Multicolor LED for status indication and input level monitoring
  • Made for GarageBand on iPad and Mac
  • Includes desktop stand and mic clip
  • Size: 4.5″ tall

Check Apogee’s site for a release date.

The Cans

Klipsch Image S4 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones ($76 at Amazon – Amazon Affiliate Link)
Sleek, sexy, chrome and black plastic. Klipsch doesn’t just make a fine sounding set of earbuds, they understand that aesthetics count.

Some folks have complained that these may be a little mid-ranged focused which, to a podcaster, is heaven. That makes it tuned more to a speaking voice than other bass-enhanced earbuds.

So that’s my recommendation for a classy portable setup. What are your ideas for a great sounding, portable studio?

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