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Update on Podcasters for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

Campground Pirate RadioYou’ll note that this post is a little late today (by about 18 hours). That’s because I want it to coincide with the release of CPR-031, Campground Pirate Radio presents: The Hot Rod Surf Show for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief.

In a previous post I urged the podcasting community to step up and dedicate one of their shows to raising fund for the relief effort. Well, this is my opening salvo.

Enjoy the show and text in your donations. USA Today has an excellent list of charities and $10 text numbers available.

Podcasters, I’m urging you to do the same thing. Ask your listeners/viewers to text in their donations and let you know that they did. Once you get a good tally, drop me a note either by either commenting on this site or on ProPodder’s Facebook page. At the end of April I want to announce the total donations we podcasters generated.

A big shout out to Max Flight of Podcasting Passion for being the first to jump on board and get the word out to the aviation podcasting community. Thanks, Max!

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