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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs a Podcast

You’ve created a blog. Congratulations.

But somehow you’re not quite happy with the way things are turning out with it. You’d love to have a full-blown marketing and PR plan that you could execute to drum up buzz about your blog but, like most of us starting out, your budget is probably pretty thin or even non-existent.

Have you considered adding podcasting to your marketing mix?

Here are 5 reasons why your blog needs a podcast.

Driving Traffic
Social media may be the hot buzz-term but nothing drives traffic to your site better than a well-executed podcast. By giving listeners good, solid content you’ll increase, not just traffic, but targeted traffic to your site.

Increase Your Market Share
This goes hand in hand with reason number one. By driving new traffic you’ll see increased sales and subscriptions.

Free Advertising
This goes without saying. By offering excellent content the listener will often gravitate to your website. By having multiple shows available on a regular basis, you’re site, product or service will be constantly in front of potential subscribers and buyers.

You’ve heard it takes about 6-10 ad impressions to a potential buyer before they take action? What if you had 20, 40 or 50-plus shows available to make your point?

Building Brand Awareness
When you speak as an authority on a topic people will eventually believe you to be the authority on a topic. When people learn to trust someone as the “thought-leader,” or “guru” (5 points each on your Buzzword Bingo cards) they’ll start searching out more of what you have to offer.

More Money-Making Opportunities
If your podcast becomes successful, you’ve just opened up the possibility for more revenue in the way of advertising or sponsorships.

If your blog doesn’t have a podcast right now, why not? It seems that you’re leaving a lot of money on the table that would feel a whole lot better being in your wallet.

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