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Podcaster’s Checklist: Day 1-Part Three

In previous posts you’ve come up with a name for your show and found a website and host for it. Let’s wrap up Day 1.

Don’t Set Up That Site Just Yet

We’ve got a little pre-work to do before you press the “Go” button and pay for your site.

What you’ve obviously discovered by now is that there are dozens of little things you want to have in place before you pay for your site. This will make the setup much easier.

Log Notes

Create a new file with your favorite word processor. You’re going to call this “Name of Your Podcast – Log-In File.” We’re going to set up a number of free accounts now and you’re going to want to have a cheat sheet for your log-ins.

I know, some of you have the same password you’ve used for everything. May I suggest something – Don’t do that! If someone can hack just one of your sites, they’ve got ALL of your sites.

You don’t have to make this a science project. Here’s a simple trick I learned to create passwords that are quite hard to hack.

Start with the name of your show. Let’s use My Great Podcast. Take the first letter of each word, m, g and p.

What date is it that you’re setting this up? Let’s use today’s date, 0415. So far we’ve got the first seven characters to your password.

Let’s say you’re setting this up for your Twitter account. Take the first four letters of Twitter, t, w, i and t.

So far we’ve got, mgp0415twit. Let’s take it one more step. Starting with the second character and every other one after it, either change the letter to a capital, a number or one of the top row shifted keys: !-@-#-$-%-&

Now our password looks like this: mGpO4!5Tw1t

You’ll almost always get a VERY STONG or EXCELLENT rating when using this method.

Setting Up Your Linked Accounts

Now that you’ve got a good method for creating passwords, let’s set up those linked accounts. You’re going to set these up using the name of your show. Using the name of your show, My Great Podcast, you’re going to set up:

  1. Your Gmail account –
  2. Your Twitter account – @MyGreatPodcast
  3. Your Facebook Fan Page –
  4. If you’re going to incorporate video, set up accounts at both YouTube and Vimeo under your show’s name.

On your Log-In file, add the:

  1. Account
  2. User Name
  3. Password

Save the page in a folder named after your show. You’re going to be generating a lot of stuff over time. This is the first piece that needs to be in there.

A Couple of Notes Regarding Linked Accounts


Use your new Gmail account for your Twitter set up.

Depending on the length of your show’s name, you may have to truncate it or adjust to the 15 character maximum length. I ran into this problem with my show, Campground Pirate Radio. I initially tried using @CampPirateRadio but that was a bit clunky. I eventually created an account for the character I play, @unclewaldo which is working out quite well.


If you’re not familiar with setting up a Facebook Fan Page there are about a thousand different articles on the web explaining how to do it properly. Just Google, SETTING UP A FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and you’ll be just fine.

Don’t get this confused with setting up a Group page. Group pages are a different beast that limits the amount of people that can follow you and leaves you a minimal amount of control over the page.

A note about the category for your fan page – When you start to set up your page you’ll be asked what category to park your page into. I usually like to use WEBSITES & BLOGS as the general category. Then choose which sub-category your particular show fits under.

A note about the fan page name – You’ll set up your fan page under the name of your show. But when you first see the URL that’s created, it will be the name of your show plus a string of random numbers –

You can get rid of those numbers and set the name of your show AFTER you’ve received 25 Likes. But until then, add that entire name to your Log-In file.

Let’s Set Up Your Web Site

You’ve got your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube and Vimeo accounts all set up. Well done. Now you can purchase your web-hosting and site name.

When you’re asked for an email, give them your new gmail account. You want everything associated with the show going to that account.

You’ve entered your new site name, given them your credit card and attached the new site to your Gmail account. Good work.

Don’t go any farther. Kick back and give your site about 24 hours to populate the net. This is an important step. I learned the hard way about doing things in a rush. By giving your site 24 hours to populate, you’ll have a much easier time setting up later actions and connections.

Follow these steps in order and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches during your initial setup.

In my next post in this series, we’ll get you installing WordPress, picking a theme and finding all those plug-ins you’ll need.

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