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Using YouTube to Market Your Podcast: Part 1

Want a sure-fire way to draw an audience to your podcast on a limited budget? Consider using YouTube to market your podcast.

YouTube has proven itself to be a wonderful marketing tool. No matter how niche you think your podcast is, your market is most likely on YouTube.

If you’re already creating a video podcast, then you’re already set up for YouTube and probably have a number of clips from your shows up there. And if you don’t, why not?

But what if you have an audio podcast? What if you “have a face for radio” and prefer to be behind the mic instead of in front of the camera? There are options available and in Part 1 of this series I’ll show you how easy it is to get your first video up.

What Should You Record?

Think of five things that people are either asking about or that you’d like them to know about your show. Let the topics dictate the length of the video. If it takes you 2-3 minutes to talk about one of the questions, then make a video for each one. If you can easily get through everything in under 3 minutes, then one video will be fine.

Promote Some of Your Past Interviews
If your show contains interviews that you’re proud of, showcase a portion of it. Especially if you’re talking to someone well-known inside (or outside) of your niche.

If you have a 10-20 minute interview, create a 5-minute montage of questions and answers.

Did you capture some video from a Skype call? Use that. Is it just audio from either the guest being in studio or on the phone? Then just rotate photos of your guest (in the video) while the interview plays.

What Is Some of the Best Advice You’ve Given?
Is there a section of one or more of your shows that you’re particularly proud of? Something that you know has drawn listeners in the past? Run the audio and rotate pictures of yourself or images that relate to what you’re talking about. If you feel real adventurous, transcribe what you’re saying and run the written paragraphs on screen synced to what you’re saying.

What About Some of Your Funniest or All Too Rare Occurrences That Were Captured on Your Show?
I’m not talking about a blooper or gag reel (although that could be fun). What I’m talking about is something that happened on your show with a guest or between the hosts or a caller that drew some sort of emotion. Funny, sad, thoughtful, angry, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as there was some sort of emotion that will engage the viewer.

Again, you can run images of who’s talking or other images that relate to what you’re talking about.

Just using these four topics you should be able to come up with at least 8-12 ideas for videos you’d like to make. Whether you want to be in front of the camera or not we’ll tackle in the next post. I’ll show you how you what to do with all of this content, what tools are available to you and a couple of tricks for getting the best picture and sound.

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