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Going Out In Style: Derek K. Miller

We lost a fellow podcaster on Tuesday, Derek K. Miller.

Along with his buddy an co-host, Dave Chick they produced Inside Home Recording, an outstanding podcast on home and project studio recording that’s been going since 2005.

Derek lost his long battle with colorectal cancer, something that hits close to home because my dad lost his wife to that damned disease last year.

Being the ever-classy guy, Derek knew his time was coming and produced one final blog post to be uploaded right after his death. It went up today.

You might be able to see it at but to be honest, it went viral. I saw it about 10 hours ago and it had already been tweeted over 3000 times. The Facebook likes were hit so often that it broke the button. And as of an hour ago, I saw that the servers crashed on his site.

(An update: it seems his site is back up. The tweet counts and Facebook likes have been reset but it looks like it saved most of the comments. That being said, seems to be down as of this writing.)

I’ll add another link to the second version I saw later at out of England. But if you get chance, check out the original one later on.

I’ve never had the pleasure to meet Derek personally but enjoyed what he and Dave created over the past few years. After our own loss, I found his site at penmachine and have been following his trials and tribulations.

Derek, you’re a class act, buddy. Me and the rest of your fans are gonna miss ya.

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