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5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

One thing ProPodder is all about is pointing out the good stuff you might have missed. Life can get busy and sometimes we just don’t have the time to sift through all of the podcasts out there to find the real gems.

Here’s are five that I’ve been listening to that I really think should be on your download list. You’ll note right off that these aren’t just targeted to the “How to Make a Podcast” audience. There are dozens of those shows out there. I think that you’ll get a nice well-rounded podcast education from these folks.

Mainly this is a collection of the New Guns out there. Most of these shows are less than a year old, but they’re making a big noise.

Art of Podcasting | RSS Feed | iTunes | Website
Hosted by the Quin Lynch. This is a relatively new show but already starting to make waves in the community. Quin’s first three shows left a lot of people confused, thinking that they were going to hear another set of shows on how to set up your feeds or mic shootouts. Nope, this is hardcore, “how to dominate cyberculture  and promote your brand” information. Personal note: Show #3 on expert list building is a monster.

The Home Recording Show | RSS Feed | iTunes | Website
Hosted by Ryan Canestro, Jon Tidey and Jesse Zoller. I guess you can consider these guys the old pros of this group with over 120 shows under their belts. Hands down one of the best shows on home recording. Here’s where you can get your geek on when it comes to microphone placement, instrument recording, mic shootouts, mixing, et al. It’s like without all the attitude. If you care about your sound you should be listening to this show… if nothing else, just to have Ryan’s mic sound as a basis to set yours by.

Podcast Like a Radio DJ | RSS Feed | iTunes | Website
Hosted by Dan Lyons. Another relatively new show that you may not be familiar with. Dan brings over 15 years experience as a radio DJ to this show. Nice bite-sized chunks (most of the shows are under 20 minutes) but filled with killer content.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast | RSS Feed | iTunes | Website
Hosted by Pat Flynn. How do you argue with a guy who can clear $20-30 thousand a month from his niche websites, and has the stats to prove it? Thoroughly entertaining and immaculately detailed. Pat’s love for what he does and his passion to teach you how to do it is infectious. I really look forward to each of his new shows.

The Audacity to Podcast | RSS Feed | iTunes | Website
Hosted by Daniel J. Lewis. Here’s the nuts and bolts show that beginning podcasters want to start with. Heck, even seasoned podcasters like myself will still pick up a thing of two from Daniel. Engaging, no attitude and loaded with good information to get you over the hurdles you’ll eventually run into. Highly recommended!

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