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Google+ As A Podcasting Tool? Looks Promising

The folks over at Phandroid have been messing around with Hangouts on Google+ and have figured out a way (albeit rudimentary) to create a multi-person video podcast.

The Problem

You’ve got a multi-person video podcast that you want to create and, of course, everyone can’t get in the same room together… let alone the same state or even country. Currently, Skype is the option of choice. You can capture the video with Camtasia or Screenflow live while you’re doing the show, or, if all parties are up to it, by doing a double-ender (both people recording at the same time then one of them combining both pieces of video). Needless to say, the editing can be a headache.

Enter Google+

One of the many features of Google+ is the ability to set up, what’s called, a private Hangout. Up to 10 people can participate in the Hangout.

Phandroid has included instructions in setting up the podcast.

Create a private Hangout and invite each member involved.
Record the podcast with Camtasia, Screenflow or your video capture of choice.

Check out Phandroids video below. Google+ looks like it could develop into an excellent way to create and distribute podcasts.

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