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Top 50 Podcast Directories

In identifying the top 50 podcast directories, I slogged through countless “directories of directories.” The one thing I found they all had in common, crappy links. Dead links, 404’s, broken links — it’s looking like trying to keep a podcast directory up is both time-consuming and not very profitable.

But, have faith because I did find a number of still existing directories out there. Now, before you start screaming, “but my favorite submission site isn’t on this list!” please understand the criteria I used:

The Directory Still Had to Exist
At one point and time there were hundreds of podcast directories. Not so much any more. Most of the links that I found are dead or lead to dead ends.

The Directory Doesn’t Make You Jump Through Hoops to Submit Your Site
Let’s face it, you’re going to submit your site and probably never visit this directory again unless you’re creating multiple shows. In some cases, the free sign-up is pretty easy. Others, though, made it seem like you were filling out an insurance form.

It Had to Be Intuitive
There are a number of directories that, I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t figure out where in the heck to submit a URL. I don’t see myself as a stupid guy (my wife may argue that point) but if it takes me more than 2 or 3 minutes to find the Submit A Podcast link, I’m gone. There are a lot of directories to get through and I’m not going to spend more time on one than I have to.

Time to Come Clean
Truth be told, I couldn’t find 50 podcast directories. In fact, I could only find 42 verifiable directories. But, I’ve rounded out the list with a few Videocast Directories and a couple of ping sites.

Podcast Submission Directory


Blackberry Network 

Blubrry Network
You will need to create a free account.
For Canadian-based podcasts.

Digital Podcast

Educational Podcast Network

Every Podcast




Christian Podcasts.

iPodder iTunes
You’ll have to have iTunes installed on your computer. Medical Feeds
All medical-based podcasts.




Podcast Alley

Podcast Blaster

Podcast Directory 
Choose your category first, then look for Submit A URL on the left.

Podcast Ferret

Podcast Pickle

Podcast Pup
Update: Looks like you’ll need to be a member of LibSyn now to take advantage of this directory.

Podcasting Station


Update! We’ve got a new entry as of 2013 –



Political Feeds
Politically-based podcasts

Realty Feeds


Religious Podcasts
Just as the name says, religious podcasts.

RSS Network

RSS Podcast Directory


The Hard Pod Café

The Pod Lounge

Women In Podcasting

Yahoo! Media Search

Zune Marketplace

Videocast Submission Directories






Ping Your RSS Feed

All Podcasts


Do you have some more sites to add or have you run into trouble with one of the links? Let me know in the comments section.

Thanks to Rick Savoia of The Force Field Podcast for these two additions to the list:

The Lounge
The Lounge is an internet radio network that pushes their shows to mobile devices via their app. This isn’t your standard fill-in-the-blanks directory. You’ll have to submit an email with some information about your show where an actual, living human will judge it for admission.

Stitcher Smart Radio
Stitcher is a aggregator that will also push your show to mobile devices via their software. There’s also an opportunity for adding advertising and possibly making a buck or two. Please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your show.

Another update from our friend, Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast:

Miro Directory
A proprietary app that many of the podcasters like to use. Free to download and very easy to use.

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