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The Uber-Guide to Twitter Marketing

If you’re not clued in to the rich resource of content that Copyblogger presents each day, then let me give you a taste.

“What, we’re not bloggers… we’re podcasters!”

Ah, but on the contrary, if you run a blog to distribute your podcast, then YES, you are a blogger!

But, let’s look at it in an entirely different light… you’re not just a podcaster or a blogger – you’re a content provider, or in essence, a media outlet. And, as a media outlet/content provider you’ve got to market your product in order for your clients, customers, viewers or listeners to find it, right?

Thus, let me share with you some free knowledge from the folks at Copyblogger. The image below is just a link. It started originally as a Tweet. After you click on it, look for the highlighted link, “put it to good use.” You’ll find six years worth of articles from the folks at Copyblogger that will fill your head with more knowledge about your content marketing and using Twitter. It is – the Uber-Guide to using Twitter.

So, have you scripted your 1000 words yet today?

1000 Words Can Make You Immortal

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