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How to Raise Awareness of Your Cause – Start a Podcast

Do you have a cause that’s close to your heart?

Do you wish you could share the details with a large number of people at the same time?

Do it yourself podcasting may be the answer you are looking for. Podcasts are a fantastic way to get your message out quickly. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know the first thing about making your own podcast. If you follow a few simple steps, you will have a successful program to offer your users in no time.

James and Arlene Martell are a husband and wife internet marketing team who currently share the podcasting duties on the show Affiliate Buzz. They learned the podcasting business from scratch in 2003, before there was even a word for what they were doing – “the term podcasting wasn’t coined until 2004,” explains James. That experience has made them one of the best resources for podcasting in the business.

When James decided to create a Super BootCamp for members to learn the process of creating an affiliate marketing website from the very beginning stages, he enlisted Arlene’s help. Her passion for a cause that was meaningful to their entire family – the fight against Epilepsy- became the basis of the bootcamp. Part of the assignment was developing a podcast.

Arlene’s experience creating a series of epilepsy awareness podcasts for her website provides an excellent opportunity to show you how it’s done- so that you can do the same for a cause that means as much to you.

Step 1: Identify your cause

Arlene knew she had an important story to tell people. James and Arlene’s son Adam was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 4. His powerful seizures dramatically affected their family and it became a full-time job just managing his care. When a doctor told Arlene she should buy Adam a helmet and institutionalize him, she knew instantly in her heart that was not the answer.

After hearing a Dateline report about the ketogenic diet for managing epilepsy symptoms, Arlene gave it a try. After 1 week the diet did what years of anti – seizure medications did not – it stopped Adam’s seizures. She knew she had to share the diet with other parents struggling with their child’s battle against epilepsy and it was clear that this is where she would direct her website, and podcast.

Perhaps you have a cause that you are passionate about.nbsp; What do you have to share with the public to educate and inform them? If you are concerned that your site isn’t where you want it to be when adding a podcast, you can easily make improvements. If you check out WordPress you will see how easy it is to build your own site, even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. There are plugins to handle all the tough stuff and you can do it for free.

Step 2: Choose a Style

There are different podcasting methods to choose from. Arlene knew she wanted to do an interview podcast, where she could talk to doctors and parents about epilepsy. But there are also podcasts with co-hosts – like James and Arlene’s Affiliate Buzz program.

Step 3: Choose a Schedule

Podcasts can be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly – it’s all up to you. Some sites do a daily podcast that just lasts 2-3 minutes! Arlene decided to do a small group of six podcasts to use as a reference tool on her site, so she knew there would be a set number of episodes. Do you want to podcast long-term on a regular basis? You can do that too. Affiliate Buzz was a twice monthly podcast but became weekly and it’s been on for over nine years!

It all depends on your industry and how often information changes. While Arlene currently has seven podcasts on her site, she knows she can update them by adding another podcast at any time – for example when she is promoting fundraisers for her cause.

Step 4: Choose a Guest

Arlene started out by interviewing a friend and partner in her non-profit, Laura, because she knew it would make her more comfortable at a time when doing her own podcast made her a little nervous. But by the time she had a couple of podcasts under her belt she was interviewing Hollywood producer Jim Abrahams, a ketogenic diet advocate who has worked with Meryl Streep on awareness projects!

Decide who would be a good guest for you to begin with and contact them. The worse thing that can happen is that they say no. Think about your audience and who they would most like to hear your message from.

Step 5: Create Questions

Arlene began with a set of 6-10 questions which she shared with her guest Laura. Laura was able to prepare answers ahead of time so that she was comfortable too.

What has Arlene found to be the benefit of doing the podcast? For Arlene, readers hear the emotion in her voice, which can mean more than anything else. Your podcast listeners will:

  • get to know you as a human being
  • learn specific details of your cause
  • feel YOUR passion for the cause

It will lead to unimaginable benefits. Arlene went from learning to receiving an email from a mother with a 2 yr. old boy with epilepsy who followed her advice. After starting the diet, her little boy said, “Mommy,” for the first time. By following these 5 steps you will have set the foundation for your own successful podcast.

Mike Kelley lives with his wife in Port Townsend, Washington with his wife Beth. He runs a company that helps people understand WordPress. He likes showing people how to share their information without the trials of a static website.

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