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The Seven Worst YouTube Marketing Mistakes You Can Make

YouTube can be a great platform for reaching a wider audience and marketing your business in a new way – with video. It can also be disastrous if you fail to use the platform properly or fail to produce good video content. Here are the seven worst YouTube marketing mistakes you can make and how to avoid them.

Not Customizing Your Channel

Your YouTube channel can be customized with your company colors, logo, description, and links. Don’t neglect to use this as an opportunity to establish your brand. When people visit your channel, they should recognize yours by its similar appearance to your website and other social media pages (which should also be linked to on your channel). Craft a short but strong description of your company to use as a bio.

Low-Quality or Amateur Video

Contrary to popular belief, an amateur video does not bring a nice, personal quality to your video. It will only make your company seem unprofessional, or not successful enough to afford higher-quality production. Invest in what you need to make your video look good, and do it in HD if at all possible. Don’t make common mistakes in your video such as staring directly at the camera or stumbling over your script.

Not Taking Advantage of Tags

Be sure to tag each one of your videos with as many relevant keywords as you can. Tags are what will help people who are looking for something general find your video in specific.

No Call to Action

A call to action is important for all your marketing efforts, video and YouTube included. Be sure to have a call to action at the end of your video, and include it in the description of the video as well. To make it even easier for your viewers to act, annotate the end of the video with a link to your website, and include the same link in the video description.

Creating a Commercial

Your videos should not be commercials. Who is going to go online and intentionally watch commercials? All the content you create can promote your business without coming across as purely a hard-sell.

Abandoning Ship

Treat your YouTube channel like any other social network, and update it regularly. You might not be producing video content every week, but at least make it a point to add at least one new video per month. You don’t want your channel to seem like it’s abandoned, or people might think your business is slacking, too. If your’re having trouble coming up with content, get creative and try things like how-to’s, interviews, slideshows, customer testimonials, and product demonstrations.

No Cross-Promotion

Be sure to include links to your website, blog, and social networks on your YouTube page. You must also remember to promote your YouTube videos on those platforms. When you post a new video, tweet about it. Post it on Facebook. Blog about it. Get the word out in as many places as possible, and you’ll earn more viewers. Do well on YouTube, and you’ll turn those viewers into customers.

Charlie Adams is a marketing professional and social media expert who loves to analyze the various ways in which social networks can be used to help aid small businesses.

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