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I’m Not Sure What My Podcast Should be About

I hear this a lot, “I want to do a podcast, but I’m not sure what my podcast should be about?”

You’d think the answer would be obvious, but it isn’t always. Lots of folks want to be writers, but don’t know what to write about. Some want to be painters, but don’t know what to paint.

Sometimes it’s hard being a creative. Staring at the empty canvas can be the one of the most daunting tasks you’ll ever face.

Enter Copyblogger

I love reading Copyblogger. Not only is their marketing finesse appropriate for blogs, but sometimes it’s completely convertible to podcasting. For instance, todays column entitled, Do You Have What It Takes to Publish a Curated Newsletter? by Demian Farnsworth.

Demian quickly describes the process of how to determine what your newsletter should be about, whether it would be beneficial to your audience and whether you’d enjoy doing it.

The nice part is that they generated a simple infographic to go with it.

As I read through the article and checked out the infographic I thought, “Damn, that’s exactly the process for determining what kind of podcast someone would like to create!” Just change the words, email newsletter, to podcast!

Thanks, Copyblogger!

Do You Have What It Takes to Publish a Curated Email Newsletter? [Infographic]

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