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Jay Walsh

The Elevator Speech

ProPodder exists to help podcasters develop, promote and monetize their podcasts.

What is this? is the brainchild of Jay Walsh, a web designer | graphic designer | podcaster | blogger | marketer videographer | photographer | social mediast | musician | home recordist | and semi-successful poker player.

Either he has A.D.D. or just gets bored easily and likes learning new things. Let’s go with the latter.

Jay is passionate about two things: sound and design – and likes how the two can interact with each other. Podcasting became an obvious outlet. Jay’s alter ego, Uncle Waldo, currently acts as the grumpy, heavily-armed host of Campground Pirate Radio, a weekly audio podcast showcasing underground rockabilly, psychobilly, indie, punk and surf bands.

Why is this important to know?

Because he is taking his cumulative 30+ years of knowledge in sound, design, photography & video, marketing & promotion, and podcasting and sharing it with you here. Welcome to where we’ve got one goal: to make you a better podcaster.

But this site isn’t just for podcasters

For some reason, folks like to pigeon-hole us into being just podcasters or bloggers or videographers or marketers. The reality is, all of these fields are required to make the most of your project.

  • Podcasting isn’t just about audio.
  • Blogging isn’t just about words.
  • Marketing isn’t just about selling.
  • Video isn’t just about pictures.
  • Social Media isn’t just about collecting “friends.”

Yes, we’ll be targeting the posts to podcasting but no matter what your forté, you’ll find relevant information, reviews and how-to’s to help make your blog/video/marketing even better.

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Disclaimer: Being a site about professional podcasting, I too will often offer advertising/ads and links to generate advertising income. These will exist, but not limited to, the side banners and text links within posts. Text links will be noted as Affiliate Links. All banners within this site should be considered advertising banners and stands to generate income from their usage.

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