The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action.

About Jay Walsh

With a combined 25 years of design, marketing, podcasting, video and social media knowledge, Jay created with the goal of helping you make a better podcast.

Birth of a Podcast

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I’m Not Sure What My Podcast Should be About

I hear this a lot, “I want to do a podcast, but I’m not sure what my podcast should be about?” You’d think the answer would be obvious, but it isn’t always. Lots of folks want to be writers, but don’t know what to write about. Some want to be painters, but don’t know what […]

Landing Pages that Work

Another brilliant infographic from the folks at Trying to monetize your podcast by selling informational material? Using the Funnel Approach to maximize your sales? A convertible Landing Page is a must to rock your sales. Check out the below infographic and also check out the attached article by clicking on it. Enjoy! Like this […]

Do You Have Authority?

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Is Audio Better than Video for Content Marketing?

Last month CrazyEgg published an excellent article from Russ Hennenberry asking the question, Is Audio the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing? As podcasters you should know the answer is a resounding, Yes! Now I know we’ve been bombarded by calls of video being the next big thing, but ask yourself this – if you’re […]

Google Branding Strategies

You’ve got your podcast – your baby, your vehicle for spreading/sharing information on the topic you’re most passionate about. You’ve also got your blog that you publish your podcast to. Hopefully that’s not all you’re publishing every week. You probably also have your Facebook page and Twitter account. You’ve got to market that podcast if […]

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