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Are You Ready for the Podcast Onslaught?

Apple’s OS 10.7, due this Summer, will be sporting a number of new features. One in particular will be quite relevant to you, oh mighty podcasters. Apple realizes that the podcast community is growing. So why not give it that extra push with the launch of Podcast Publisher. Podcast Publisher “…a true podcast production tool […]

Don’t Get Hung Up On Your Analytics

If you’re just launching your podcast, or have been at this for a few months, you’re probably like a lot of new podcasters and constantly “checking your stats.” And, if you’re like most new podcasters, you’re not being impressed by what you’re seeing. Don’t get hung up on your analytics. Seeing those low numbers immediately […]

Go Online Or Die

Everyone has their time when they’re most creative or inspired to get something done. For me, it’s usually late at night when the phones stop ringing and my wife has gone to bed. This is usually the time I sit down and create a post for the site or work on my podcast. Today had […]

Is Podcasting Dead?

I’m going to take a guess: if you had all of your friends and family in one room and asked each one of them, “What is a podcast?” how many do you think would actually be able to give you an answer? Yeah, I kinda thought so. Yet each of us are passionate about the […]

We’re Launching Soon

If you’ve happened to come across this site we’re not quite open for business yet. Our mission is to help you become a better podcaster. We’ll be launching the site soon so subscribe to our newsletter (to your right) and you’ll be the first to know when this site launches. Thanks for stopping by!

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