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16 Things Poker Has Taught Me About Podcasting

I’m a poker player and have been for over 20 years. These days, I get away to play once a week at a nearby Indian casino – maybe twice a month with friends in a house game that has been going for over 35 years – and once a month friends, and friends of friends […]

Podcaster’s Checklist: Day 1-Part Three

In previous posts you’ve come up with a name for your show and found a website and host for it. Let’s wrap up Day 1. Don’t Set Up That Site Just Yet We’ve got a little pre-work to do before you press the “Go” button and pay for your site. What you’ve obviously discovered by […]

The World’s Coolest Portable Podcast Studio

Okay, so I like to dream. No harm in that. There are a couple of goodies that have come onto the market (or will soon appear) that, when combined together, will create the world’s coolest portable podcast studio that you can slip into your messenger bag (or murse for the metros out there) and have […]

Podcasters, Don’t Forget Your Blogging Skills

If you’re not seeing the traffic you want to your site, have you considered it may be due to your blogging skills, or lack thereof? You’ve finished your show, mixed it down so it sounds right, and got it loaded to your site and ready for the rss feeds and podcatchers to pick it up. […]

Podcasters Checklist: Day Four – Set Up Your Podcast on iTunes

You’ve gotten all of the prep work out of the way by following the Podcasters Checklist. It’s Day Four and time for you to set up your podcast on iTunes. Don’t take this step lightly. I can speak from experience. Jump ahead too quickly and your iTunes setup can quickly turn into a nightmare. Remember […]

Podcasters Checklist: Day 1 – Part Two – Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a web host is of particular importance. A lot of folks take this for granted but you can get yourself into a bit of trouble if you’re not set up correctly. Scott Stratten, of UnMarketing (Amazon Affiliates link) fame, has a wonderful discussion on Being Unprepared for Success. In it, he describes how he […]

How to Start a Movement

You’ve created your podcast and now you’re trying to build your audience. Do you feel like you’re talking into the ether? You can post your blog post links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but to really get the ball rolling you’ve got to start a movement. During last years TED festival, Derek Sivers gave a […]

How to Handle the Five Types of Guest Interviews

Guest interviews are the mainstay of many podcasts. Listen to any of the myriad of marketing or business podcasts and you’ll find a who’s who of their respective fields pontificating on any given subject. But interviews aren’t the bastion of marketing and business. You’ve got gurus talking about relationships, sex, pet care, automotive skills, house-keeping […]

Podcasters Studio: My Gear

It’s been my experience that podcasters are a nosey bunch, myself included. Whenever we run across a new show, and particularly like the sound of it, we start searching Google for any bit of information on what they’re using… and it’s usually pretty slim pickings. What I also remember is when I was just getting […]

The List: Day 1 – Part One – What’s In A Name?

Probably the most important aspect of your entire podcast is the name. Can your show live or die by its name? Maybe. Let’s first look at 7 aspects that go into creating a good name for your show. 1. Keep It to Three Words or Less In this case, less is more. We’re bombarded by […]

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