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I’m Not Sure What My Podcast Should be About

I hear this a lot, “I want to do a podcast, but I’m not sure what my podcast should be about?” You’d think the answer would be obvious, but it isn’t always. Lots of folks want to be writers, but don’t know what to write about. Some want to be painters, but don’t know what […]

Do You Have Authority?

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Is Audio Better than Video for Content Marketing?

Last month CrazyEgg published an excellent article from Russ Hennenberry asking the question, Is Audio the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing? As podcasters you should know the answer is a resounding, Yes! Now I know we’ve been bombarded by calls of video being the next big thing, but ask yourself this – if you’re […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system available and an absolute necessity for podcasters. Before you can even consider which platform you want to use, how to set up your feeds or where to store your shows, you’ve got to have a fully functioning content management system in place on your own self-hosted website. […]

Using YouTube to Market Your Podcast: Part 1

Want a sure-fire way to draw an audience to your podcast on a limited budget? Consider using YouTube to market your podcast. YouTube has proven itself to be a wonderful marketing tool. No matter how niche you think your podcast is, your market is most likely on YouTube. If you’re already creating a video podcast, […]

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs a Podcast

You’ve created a blog. Congratulations. But somehow you’re not quite happy with the way things are turning out with it. You’d love to have a full-blown marketing and PR plan that you could execute to drum up buzz about your blog but, like most of us starting out, your budget is probably pretty thin or […]

Podcasters, Don’t Forget Your Blogging Skills

If you’re not seeing the traffic you want to your site, have you considered it may be due to your blogging skills, or lack thereof? You’ve finished your show, mixed it down so it sounds right, and got it loaded to your site and ready for the rss feeds and podcatchers to pick it up. […]


What you’ve stumbled across will hopefully become a blueprint to becoming a better podcaster. This is a roadmap that won’t waste your time with history lessons, my personal journey, or any of the other bloat that fills up a majority of sites out there. This site may not look very large right now, but the […]

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