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Going Out In Style: Derek K. Miller

We lost a fellow podcaster on Tuesday, Derek K. Miller. Along with his buddy an co-host, Dave Chick they produced Inside Home Recording, an outstanding podcast on home and project studio recording that’s been going since 2005. Derek lost his long battle with colorectal cancer, something that hits close to home because my dad lost […]

Update on Podcasters for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

You’ll note that this post is a little late today (by about 18 hours). That’s because I want it to coincide with the release of CPR-031, Campground Pirate Radio presents: The Hot Rod Surf Show for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. In a previous post I urged the podcasting community to step up and dedicate […]

Don’t Be That Guy

Okay, okay, okay… so it’s not the most original of posts. I’ve seen the same posts from Chris Brogan, Scott Stratten, and Darren Rowse just to name a few. You’d think the message would’ve gotten out by now, right? But I still see it happening all the time. We used to be cornered by That […]

Are You Ready for the Podcast Onslaught?

Apple’s OS 10.7, due this Summer, will be sporting a number of new features. One in particular will be quite relevant to you, oh mighty podcasters. Apple realizes that the podcast community is growing. So why not give it that extra push with the launch of Podcast Publisher. Podcast Publisher “…a true podcast production tool […]

Don’t Get Hung Up On Your Analytics

If you’re just launching your podcast, or have been at this for a few months, you’re probably like a lot of new podcasters and constantly “checking your stats.” And, if you’re like most new podcasters, you’re not being impressed by what you’re seeing. Don’t get hung up on your analytics. Seeing those low numbers immediately […]

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