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Podcaster’s Checklist: Day 1-Part Three

In previous posts you’ve come up with a name for your show and found a website and host for it. Let’s wrap up Day 1. Don’t Set Up That Site Just Yet We’ve got a little pre-work to do before you press the “Go” button and pay for your site. What you’ve obviously discovered by […]

Monetizing Your Podcast – Selling Your Products and Services

This is Part 4 of a 5-part series: Monetizing Your Podcast. Selling your products and services via your podcast has been the touchstone for many a podcast, marketing, social media and business guru. And no one has seized this opportunity more than Cliff J. Ravenscraft of After years as a successful independent insurance agent, […]

Monetizing Your Podcast – PPC and Affiliate Advertising

This is Part 2 of a 5-part series: Monetizing Your Podcast. Previously we spoke about donations and subscriptions as tools to monetize your podcast. Today I want to touch on two concepts that can be both lucrative and easy to initiate: PPC (pay-per-click) and Affiliate Advertising. PPC In a nutshell, PPC advertising is a model […]

Update on Podcasters for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

You’ll note that this post is a little late today (by about 18 hours). That’s because I want it to coincide with the release of CPR-031, Campground Pirate Radio presents: The Hot Rod Surf Show for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. In a previous post I urged the podcasting community to step up and dedicate […]

The World’s Coolest Portable Podcast Studio

Okay, so I like to dream. No harm in that. There are a couple of goodies that have come onto the market (or will soon appear) that, when combined together, will create the world’s coolest portable podcast studio that you can slip into your messenger bag (or murse for the metros out there) and have […]

Podcasters, Don’t Forget Your Blogging Skills

If you’re not seeing the traffic you want to your site, have you considered it may be due to your blogging skills, or lack thereof? You’ve finished your show, mixed it down so it sounds right, and got it loaded to your site and ready for the rss feeds and podcatchers to pick it up. […]

Podcasters: A Call for Help

Podcasters, as I’m sure you’re all aware a massive 8.9 earthquake, the strongest in their recorded history, shook Japan this past Friday, March 11, 2011 at 2:46pm. This was followed by a massive tsunami that’s decimated much of the coastline communities. As of this writing, 1300 are reported dead with 10,000 are missing in just […]

Are You Ready for the Podcast Onslaught?

Apple’s OS 10.7, due this Summer, will be sporting a number of new features. One in particular will be quite relevant to you, oh mighty podcasters. Apple realizes that the podcast community is growing. So why not give it that extra push with the launch of Podcast Publisher. Podcast Publisher “…a true podcast production tool […]

Don’t Get Hung Up On Your Analytics

If you’re just launching your podcast, or have been at this for a few months, you’re probably like a lot of new podcasters and constantly “checking your stats.” And, if you’re like most new podcasters, you’re not being impressed by what you’re seeing. Don’t get hung up on your analytics. Seeing those low numbers immediately […]

Podcasters Studio: My Gear

It’s been my experience that podcasters are a nosey bunch, myself included. Whenever we run across a new show, and particularly like the sound of it, we start searching Google for any bit of information on what they’re using… and it’s usually pretty slim pickings. What I also remember is when I was just getting […]

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