The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action.

The Uber-Guide to Twitter Marketing

If you’re not clued in to the rich resource of content that Copyblogger presents each day, then let me give you a taste. “What, we’re not bloggers… we’re podcasters!” Ah, but on the contrary, if you run a blog to distribute your podcast, then YES, you are a blogger! But, let’s look at it in […]

Podcast Makeover: Why Isn’t My Podcast Popular?

I recently received an email. The writer said that they’ve created a sports podcast and have followed all the basic assumptions for getting it up and running. But for some reason no one seems to know of it. My first questions are, what are the basic assumptions they’ve followed and what have they done to […]

Podcasters Checklist: Day 2 – Part Three – Gather Unto Thee Your WordPress Plugins

Okay, maybe a wee bit too esoteric for a title but let’s face it, one of the best things about using WordPress for your podcast is the ability to install plugins. Being open source, the WordPress developer community (over 2 million strong) has come up with or will soon come up with every type of […]

Wait to Reply to New Twitter Followers

Recently I just finished a fantastic book, UnMarketing by Scott Stratten (Amazon Associates Link). Usually I’m happy if I can get through a book and capture a nugget or two of new information but Scott blew me away with the depth and breadth of his knowledge. Damn the Auto-Responder One subject he spoke on was […]

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