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The questions I hear most often are:

  • “How do I get a bigger audience?”
  • “How do I make money from my podcast?”
  • “How do I get started?”

Below are a collection of some of the best posts, collected together into a set of tutorials that I hope will answer your questions. I’ll be adding to this so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop me an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Using YouTube to Market Your Podcast

I’m an advocate in using every possible method available to get your message out. Video is proving to be an under used but incredibly powerful way to raise your ranking in Google.

This set of lessons will help you with:

  • What to Record
  • How to Record It
  • How to Get It Out to the Masses

Using YouTube to Market Your Podcast: Part 1
Using YouTube to Market Your Podcast: Part 2
Using YouTube to Market Your Podcast: Part 3

Monetizing Your Podcast

Creating and distributing your podcast is fun. Getting paid for doing that is even better! Learn 10 different ways that you start making some money for all of your hard work.

Donations and Subscriptions
PPC and Affiliate Advertising
On-Site and In-Show Advertising
Selling Your Products and Services
Training and Public Speaking

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